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This inspirational readings section of the Genshin Ki Dojo website is for the general public and all Martial artist interested in the true essence of the Martial arts.  The folklore tales, koans, quotes and other readings are for one to review.

Sometimes a Koan can be referred to as a Mondo. Specifically when there is dialog between a Master and pupil. On all the readings pages, I have simply referenced them as Koan to avoid any unnecessary thought.

It is recommended that if one is fond of a particular quote that they write it down and then type it out.  This assist in remembering it and also helps one to not just collect quotes, but to be particular and very selective in your personal choices in regards to your reading.  One can also find the book that the quote came from if they so desire, as most readings have the author and book listed.

All of the material in this section have been selected by Master Christian and extracted from numerous books and publications. 

There are also recommended readings lists on various pages to help assist one in finding outstanding Martial arts or Zen related books.  Sometimes one cannot tell what a book will truly be about if the title is misleading. A lot of Martial sports books have the words "Martial arts" in the title, thus fraudulently marketing the book for increased sales.

All books recommended are not written by anyone involved with Martial sports. Therefore they will be purely informational and enlightening about the true essence of the Martial arts.

Take your time and enjoy reading..


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