Genshinryu & Isshinryu Rank Systems

KYU Rank System
Kyu Color of Belt In Japanese Obi
8th Kyu White Belt Hachi-Kyu
7th Kyu Yellow Belt Shichi-Kyu
6th Kyu Blue Belt Roku-Kyu
5th Kyu Green Belt Go-Kyu
4th Kyu Purple Belt Yon-Kyu
3rd Kyu Brown Belt 1 Red Stripe San-Kyu l
2nd Kyu Brown Belt 2 Red Stripes Ni-Kyu l l
1st Kyu Brown Belt 1 Black Stripe Ik-Kyu l

DAN Rank System
1st to 4th Dan addressed as Sensei
5th to 8th Dan addressed as Master or Shihan
Dan / Degree Color of Belt In Japanese Obi
1st Dan Black Belt 1 Silver Stripe Sho-Dan l
2nd Dan Black Belt 2 Silver Stripes Ni-Dan l l
3rd Dan Black Belt 3 Silver Stripes San-Dan l l l
4th Dan Black Belt 4 Silver Stripes Yo-Dan l l l l
5th Dan Black Belt 5 Silver Stripes Go-Dan l l l l l
6th Dan Black Belt 6 Silver Stripes Roku-Dan l l l l l l
7th Dan Black Belt 7 Silver Stripes Shichi-Dan l l l l l l l
8th Dan Black Belt 8 Silver Stripes Hachi-Dan l l l l l l l l

DAN Rank System
9th & 10th Dan
addressed as Grandmaster or Seiko-Shihan
Dan / Degree Color of Belt In Japanese Obi
9th Dan Black Belt 9 Silver Stripes Ku-Dan l l l l l l l l l
10th Dan Black Belt 10 Silver Stripes Ju-Dan l l l l l l l l l l

After a Genshinryu student or Isshinryu Karateka passes all the requirements of his or her testing, there will be a Traditional ceremony where the new rank will be bestowed. During the ceremony, The Samurai's Creed is read. The instructor says the first verse and the student follows and says the second verse.






Friends and  family are permitted to watch as long as they are silent.

* a students attitude is considered before any testing takes place. This is a pre-requirement for all ranks. *

** A rank requirement for testing of Sho-Dan is a 10,000 word thesis on what the art of Karate and/or the Martial arts mean to you. Students begin taking notes for their thesis at the San-Kyu rank. They compile it and write it when they are coming close to being tested for Sho-Dan. **

*** A rank requirement for the testing of Go-Dan is a Master thesis - a comparision and reflection on your first thesis and your life as a Martial Artist from Sho Dan to Yo Dan. ***