How long does it take to make your rank?

"It depends on how much you practice. If you don't practice very much you can remain the same rank for a long time. It doesn't matter how much money you pay or how long you've been coming to classes like in some schools. "


How long should it take to make your black belt?

"It should take from 6 to 10 years. Again it depends on how hard you practice and how often you come to the Dojo for classes. It's up to the individual." "In regards to each degree of black belt it should take anywhere from 2 to 4 years between degrees, depending on what degree your next rank will be."  In Traditional no-sports oriented martial arts the status of one being promoted to black belt 1st degree is considered the equivelent of one earning his/her Bachlors degree in academic studies.  Second Degree is considered a Masters degree and 3 and above is compared to one earning his/her PHD - doctorate degree. In relation to Martial sports or any school claiming to teach a Martial art but is sports oriented - the black belt may be the equivelent of one earning a few credits by taking some classes at a college. A diploma of black belt status can mean absolutely nothing if the knowledge is not retained to back it up.  Unfortunately sports oriented schools have tarnished Martial arts rank - one reason why one should never compare ranks from a Martial art and a Martial sport."

Why do you say No Trophies or Tournaments? Why is that counter productive in Martial Arts training?

"Well, it all goes back to the 50/50 method of proper training in the martial arts. That's 50% physical technique & 50% intellectual. Please see


7 time National Champion

What is a "12 month & I'm a black belt" club?

"These are special programs offered at sports oriented schools. It usually costs between $3,000.00 to $5,000.00. The deceitful instructors will claim to teach your son or daughter until they achieve black belt status, no matter how long it takes or how old they are. I'm sorry to say that the susceptible people who enroll their children in these programs are being taken advantage of. Their child will make black belt in 12 months, will begin to develop distorted, truculent attributes and will be ignorant of any effective self defense. Most parents don't see through the smokescreen and come to the conclusion that that their child is a genius for making his rank so quickly. In reality, they bought the black belt as soon as they signed the contract. Stay away from any schools that offer these types of programs. They are dishonest."


Why don't you teach any fancy, flying kicks?

"That's easy. They don't work on the street! Looks nice in movies, but could you really see yourself doing a flying, spinning reverse type kick to someone trying to hurt or kill you? No ineffectual techniques are taught at Genshin Ki Dojo. Remember, your reaction on the street is contingent on how and what you practice!"

What's a free uniform gimmick?

"It's when you see an ad that says - sign up now and get a free uniform. It's a gimmick that callow instructors use to try to increase enrollment. They give the new student a cheap uniform and try to sign them up for that special black belt club. Watch out!"


What are the legal remifications if you were to use Self defense in a confrontation?

"Well.. you have to use common sense. Meaning if you can walk away, then you must.. of course not turning your back on the person. Verbal abuse is just that. It's verbal.. remember the old childrens saying - sticks and stones? Now if the person follows you and attacks you, then you have the right to use Self Defense. If someone has a weapon and you can't run, and he tries to kill you, then you have the right to use deadly force. If you disarm him, you don't. If you disarm him, you must do everything you can to get control of the weapon, don't throw it or just kick it to the side.. grab it and run! When I teach seminars or do demonstrations, I usually keep the answer to this question short. I reiterate what my Masters always said.. that is.. "I'd rather be tried by twelve then carried by six!" If you use common sense, you win"

added: saying "I'd rather be tried by twelve then carried by six" - in no way means that one is to DISMISS the facts that their are laws regarding self defense use. Students at Genshin Ki Dojo are properly taught when and when not to use physical force.

How will Isshinryu or Genshinryu help me or my children? What are the benefits?

"The benefits are numerous. First you will keep in good shape. It will help you develop confidence, flexibility, self discipline, co-ordination, focus & concentration skills. You will learn effective self defense that can save your life! You will begin to develop your inner Ki energy and be able to tap into it at will (when you tap into it, your literally 5 to 6 times stronger). Your will learn the 7 virtues of Bushido and learn how to apply them in your everyday life.. you will learn how to meditate for stress reduction and to increase awareness.. Please keep reading, you will see additional benefits mentioned on the pages of this website."


How can I determine a real Martial arts school that teaches the essence from a Sport school?

"At the present time, you have to ask a very simple and direct question.  Ask them if they do MMA / UFC or do any sport involvement or tournaments. If they say 'yes', then they are not a Martial arts school and they teach Martial sports. This is getting very tricky to determine. Trying to broaden their market, they now have cunning ads that are claiming they teach Zen meditation and Chi Kung with the sport (which is 100% contrary to what their Martial sport involvement is about). You can rule out 90% of the frauds by asking about sport involvement. Then in the 10% left, you have a good chance of finding a school that teaches the Martial way.  Asking them that simple question will save you alot of time and frustration. If you happen to see the words MMA or see pictures of any of the MMA fighters on their website, it's a Martial sport and not Martial arts."


Do you teach weapons?

"I teach weapons self defense as intermediate or advanced techniques. Students must learn the empty hand defense techniques first. Remember, you must crawl before you can walk. Can you imagine if you didn’t know how to walk and someone stood you up, put roller skates on you and pushed you?“ Self defense against weapons are taught at the Purple/brown belt level. Higher ranking Genshinryu students will begin their Kobudo (study of weaponry) and defense and Higher ranking Isshinryu students will learn the defense and traditional Kobudo Kata for rank promotion."



How can someone determine if a Martial arts instructor that founded a newer Martial arts style is a fraud or legitimate?

"I have recently decided to write an article regarding this topic.  It is very easy to label every new style formed as 'non-legitimate' but that Is not always 100% accurate.  There are strict criteria that should be met that include holding to the Martial arts essence. If you have a few minutes, read the article here: New styles - fraud or legitimate? "



Does Genshin Ki Dojo turn students away if they present a bad attitude or if they are geared towards Martial Sports?

"It depends.. How bad is the attitude and what is bad defined by? A short answer is yes. Students are a reflection of their instructor. If I feel they would be a danger to society because they have ulterior motives or they are hiding a spear behind a smile and are insincere, then they would most definately be turned away at that time.  Regarding Martial Sports - I would refer them to any number of schools in the area as why would I want a student to sign up if it's not what they are looking for?"



What is Genshin Ki Dojo's perspective on the Martial Way verses Martial Sports ?

"For that question, I will refer you to the 'Martial Art or Sport' page on this website. However I will add that although I am not for Martial Sports in anyway whatsoever, without it.. there could be no appreciation for the Martial Arts (Yin/Yang). Remember, this has been going on for hundreds of years. There were Martial sportist and Martial artist hundreds of years ago that disagreed and had the same perspectives. In today's world, the Yin/Yang balance of Art and Sport is unbalanced. Unfortunately 'Martial sport' marketing involves using the words 'Martial arts' - this has confused the public and underhandedly tipped this balance towards the sport realm. I believe that which is not the way of the Tao will not endure"


The Tao?

"see the 'Inspirational readings' page"


You've been called many things by Sport school owners & MMA/UFC fighters in NJ. Such as omnipotent, God, elitest and the grand poo-bah know it all. What do you have to say about this?

"It's amusing, but it really boils down to the 'sticks and stones' saying again.. that we learned when we were children.  I'm a normal person just like anyone else, I don't hold myself above anyone and I strive for peace and harmony by holding to the essence of the Martial arts which lays in Bushido.  I am called these because I don't sell my morals and or virtue for monetary gain such as going along with what the MMA cage fights and combat sport schools are doing.  For this perspective of holding my honor and integrity in Martial arts instruction without doing what everyone else is, I am disliked by the sports schools.  I don't take it personal and would simply hold a mirror up to anyone who says such things. That should be an enlightening moment, depending on how one processes it. "


Are your fees for private & small group high?

"No, they are extremely low compared to most schools. You can't compare a large group class of 30 people to a one on one or one to four ratio.  The rates vary greatly in the Dojo fees. Genshin Ki Dojo is the only school in the state of New Jersey that has a individual discount that is contingent on the individuals situation and what they can afford (up to 40% off rates).  The Martial arts are not about monetary gain, the heart is in compassion and benevolence. please see the 'classes and fees' page for the rates and other numerous discounts. There are no free classes because I don't teach a group of 30 people, where one more person won't matter.  The Dojo is only 1 to 4 students per class.


What is considered a Martial arts cult or Martial sports cult?

"A Martial arts or sport cult is a school that forces you to stay by long contracts.  That doesn't mean all schools that have contracts are cults. If they want a percentage of your income or want to see your paycheck stub from work, beware! If it's a small contract, one usually doesn't need to worry, but yearly is another story. I personally don't do contracts at all. If they threaten you in anyway, force you to worship in a religion or make you do things that are unmoral, it is a cult. Oddly enough, they will make students call other schools to find out information or make you pay for lessons at another school and then report back to the head instructor. This makes the student feel of great value to the instructor as he/she doesn't even realise that they are being manipulated and are developing negative traits such as insincerity and untruthfulness. I haven't heard of this since the 1980's when there were a couple in New Jersey. Students were beaten severely for trying to leave or not paying on time.   Today, it's not a very common occurance, as it wasn't even back then."


What's the youngest age that you accept at the Dojo?

"The youngest age at the Dojo is 7 years old. Some instructors will take 3 year olds. I consider that babysitting.. in a class with 20 students do you really think the instructor is looking to see if your 3 year old in the back row is punching or kicking properly? Most likely, they will let him do what he wants, tell you what you want to hear and continue to collect money from you for classes. Unfortunately that is how sports oriented schools and franchises work. If a 5 year old shows great interest, there is a chance I would accept him/her as a student.  Many times a parent and child sign up for lessons together. Remember, if a parent forces their children to do something 9 out of 10 times they will resent it and also not put forth much effort as it would be a forced training and not coming from one's own desire or heart."


I'm interested in signing up, but what if i don't like it? What would you recommend?

"I suggest reviewing the entire website, you will find it very informative.  If after reviewing the website you are still unsure, you may send an email or call the Dojo with any questions that you have. There is also a NEW student policy in regards to class payment. You can schedule a day that you'd like to begin classes and pay for 2 (private) classes. if you don't like it you don't have to pay for the next month, remember there are no contracts and no hard feelings if you decide it's not for you. Payment for class instruction is monthly, but if your unsure you may sign up for 2 classes before making a decision on if you’d like to continue. I don’t believe in signing students into contracts."


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