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Genshin Ki Dojo keeps instructor integrity and tradition by being non-sports oriented

Do you want to be a Martial Artist? or Martial Sportist?

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      A message from Master Christian Whitney   


All readers please be aware that this portion of the Genshin Ki Dojo website contains factual information regarding Martial Sports in general and Genshin Ki Dojo's perspectives regarding Martial sports. It also contains information about being a Martial artist and helpful information on finding a school in your area.

If my incisive comments contained in the following pages offend anyone, I apologize in advance. However, the 50/50 balance (see home page for link) is incontrovertible in the Martial Arts world.

Since Martial Sports are so prevalent today, I want to convey to the public that although it is prevalent, it is an impediment to anyone who seeks the true meaning of the Martial Arts.

If you are a practitioner of Martial Sports or a Martial Sports instructor, please have the self discipline to refrain from making/sending threatening, profane, harrassing or prank phone calls or emails to the Dojo.

Domo Arigato


After reading the above message from Master Christian and understanding the below message for failure to comply with the terms stated. If you wish to view this content and gain a better understanding of Martial Sports and Genshin Ki Dojo's perspective on this, you may continue by clicking on a button in the link bar above.


Actions that will be taken against people who break the law.
understanding that laws exist for order in any society, one needs the control to not intentionally break them.

Genshin Ki Dojo will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law - anyone who makes harrassing or threatening phone calls
and or harrassing or threatening emails or letters to the Dojo.  That type of illegal behavior will not be tolerated.

Offenders will be prosecuted under NJ Criminal Statutes 2C:12-3 Terroristic Threats & 2C:33-4 Harassment. These will be filed by occurance. Therefore if one calls or emails to harass 5 times in one day - there will be 5 charges of harassment filed.


The Dojo does not accept blocked or unavailable / unlisted phone calls.
Phone calls that come up listed as "private" or "unavailable" and hang up are always traced.
Thus setting a legal record verifying that number if needed for a future harassment case.
In addition, emails that contain any terroristic threats will be traced to the source by computer IP adress.

I didn't believe Master Christian!



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