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Genshin Ki Dojo keeps instructor integrity and tradition by being non-sports oriented

Do you want to be a Martial Artist? Or Martial Sportist?

What is a Martial Artist?


What is a Martial Artist?


Being a Martial artist is not just practicing in the Dojo or school, it’s a way of life. There are many factors that make up being a Martial artist. These include common sense, courtesy, benevolence, truthfulness, humility, Courage and loyalty. One must also be very well rounded in their training over time. Flying kicks and trophies produce callow and egotistical students, to be a Martial artist you must stay away from competitions. If you want to compete do a sport such as soccer or baseball, remember Martial arts were not intended to be a sport. Martial Sports have negative effects on students. The Martial arts do not. In addition, one must not have a strong desire to impress others or be in the spotlight! One is on the path to being a Martial arts warrior when he/she forgets about the desire to defeat others and begins to accept training as the constant challenge to oneself which it is. Contrary to a Martial sportist, a Martial artist is always in competition with himself, instead of others.

Being a Martial artist is about positive self development. Benevolence, compassion and a strong sense of loyalty are traits that should be desired and obtained through time.  The honor code of the Samurai: Bushido, should be what a Martial artist tries to follow in their everyday life, inside and outside the Dojo or Martial arts school. 

Some of the Positive character traits that Martial artist develop over time include but are not limited to:

Yin Yang Focus (increased focus and attention)

Yin Yang Benevolence (a concern for the welfare of others)

Yin Yang Truthfulness (not feeling the need to be untruthful about anything)

Yin Yang Humility (being confident of ones own capabilities but not needing to openly display oneself)

Yin Yang Self Discipline (in all areas in life)

Yin Yang Courtesy (being polite, opening a door for someone because it's nice - not because you feel that you have to)

Yin Yang Confidence (knowing yourself and own capabilites, this is true confidence)

Yin Yang Dedication & Determination (being able to stick to a regimine or routine & seeing things through to completion)

Yin Yang Loyalty & Sincerity (not having a false facade, staying true to yourself & others in life)

Yin Yang Patience (not needing something at this very moment, being able to wait or do something for a period of time for results)

Yin Yang Sense of Honor & Integrity (not doing something only because everyone around you is, high moral standards, being true to oneself)

Yin Yang Common sense / street smarts

Yin Yang Fortitude (the ability & courage to face lifes difficult moments and danger with a clear mind)

Yin Yang Justice (knowing the difference between right and wrong, standing up for goodwill & righteousness despite all odds)

Yin Yang Love & Compassion

Yin Yang Awareness (increased awareness in your surroundings, including any possible danger and of everything in your life)

Yin Yang Decorum (proper behavior in society and life)


The power of a Martial art warrior's discipline is that it is self-discipline, and the warrior's control is rooted in his own discipline. A Martial arts warrior is ready for any situation that he/she may meet in life. What does it take to be a Martial arts warrior? To start, it takes sincere and dedicated practice and discipline until one is self-disciplined.

To be a Martial arts warrior one must be true to themselves and be complete in what you are. The warrior lives in harmony which is rooted in control. Being a Martial artist is so much more then just walking the walk and talking the talk. It’s finding ones true self. Training in meditation, Ki energy, numerous self defense area, Kobudo, culture, learning terminology, reading, conditioning the body. There are many areas that make up being a Martial artist.

The Martial artist's training is life long. Training to endure and to be stronger, faster and better. In the Dojo, endurance means perseverance of rigorous and dedicated training. Outside the Dojo it is the quality of perseverance in one's life.

To begin, one must take the first step, but one must take that first step in the right direction with a instructor that has integrity.


Remember, all TRUE Martial arts compliment each other. There is no best style and one wishing to be a Martial artist should know this and remember to train in a well rounded style.


The essence of the Martial arts involve patience. Certain areas take time to develop and are not available to purchase like a loaf of bread at a convenience store. Remember, be patient and you will achieve all things!


Dragon words of wisdom

The wise man embraces the one (Tao) and sets an example to all.
not putting on a show,
he shines;
not justifying himself,
he is distinguished;
not bragging,
he receives recognition.
Because he is no competitor,
no one in all the world can compete with him.
Should he find himself in the company of loud and aggressive persons,
he is like a lotus flower growing in muddy water; touched but not soiled.
~ Text from: Tao Te Ching ~
~ Lao Tzu ~


Close your eyes and you will see clearly.
Cease to listen and you will hear truth.
Be silent and your heart will sing.
Seek no contacts and you will find union.
Be still and you will move forward on the tide of spirit.
Be gentle and you will need no strength.
Be patient and you will achieve all things.
Be humble and you will remain entire.

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