Isshinryu Megami Patch

The Isshinryu Megami Patch

The Isshinryu Megami Patch is filled with symbolism that all Martial Artists can live by. For example the patches golden (sometimes orange) border means that Karate is golden and should never be misused. The knowledge received from your Sensei or Master should be precious like gold. In olden times if you had some gold you wouldn't leave it ungarded or flash it around. You would keep it out of sight until you needed it. A karateka should do the same with his Martial Arts knowledge.

The stars represent Shimabuku's (founder of Isshinryu Karate) instructors, and all Sensei and Masters in general. The dark sky symbolizes a students ignorance. The stars (instructors) shine the light of knowledge through the darkness to light the way for the student.

The little Dragon flying around the woman's head symbolizes Shimabuku, but also represents the fighting spirit of Isshinryu. The red thread around the Dragon's head is a symbol for fire, which if hot enough can destroy almost anything. The degree of the fire depends upon the Karateka's dedication.

The woman's necklace is adorned with five gold medallions. The three medallions in the middle are "self" medallions. They represent a person's character (self confidence, self discipline and self control). The medallions on the side are higher and they represent kindness and humility.

The gold bands the woman is wearing symbolizes chastity and commitment to oneself. The woman, who is part human and part dragon, has her left hand open in front of her to offer peace to anyone who comes her way, and her right hand clenched in a fist behind her head.

The golden Kanji (Japanese characters) say Isshinryu.

The woman is friendly, open, benevolent and of quiet character. She strives for peace and harmony in everything she does.

The lower half of her body is concealed underwater for the same reason her fist is behind her head. People see only the kind and gentle woman. She is always ready to forgive and help in anyway that she can. She is a delicate and humble creature. By looking at her, nothing suggests that she could end a life in a matter of seconds.

If she has to protect herself, her loved ones, or her honor, she will fight courageously, like a dragon. Although the woman is sitting in the sea with the water churning and a typhoon developing in the background, she seems unconcerned about the danger. She doesn't panic, because she is realistic and knows that worrying will not take the danger away. By staying focused, she can determine her best path. The storm represents turbulent situations in our lives.

At times, life can be overwhelming. It is best to stay calm and think your way through the crisis. As you can now see, the Isshinryu Megami patch is much more then just another patch, it's a way of life. This patch symbolizes the way of the warrior.



** The Creed of Karate **

I come to you with only Karate, my empty hands.

I have no weapons, but should I be forced to defend myself, my principles or my honor,

should it be a matter of life or death of right or wrong, then here are my weapons

Karate, my empty hands..