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A benevolent art is born - Part Two  

By Christian Whitney


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A benevolent art is born - Part Two




A benevolent art is born..                                                                                                                                     Part 2 of 2

The beautiful arts that comprise Genshinryu all have their own essence, just as Genshinryu has it’s own essence. Without these arts, Genshinryu would not be what it is. These arts compliment Genshinryu just as Genshinryu compliments them and all Martial arts by it’s existence.

One should not think that Genshinryu replaces or is better then any of the arts that are a part of it.

Remembering that all of these arts have their own depth, philosophy and culture.

At the core of Genshinryu’s essence is benevolence. Promoting peace in the world through the Martial arts.


Historically, like the Samurai of Japan and the Shaolin Monks of China carried themselves in the peaceful non-warring times. Only as a last resort would physical technique be used. On a rare occurrence that it was used, one would be able to clear the mind of all emotion (Mushin) and effectively defeat their enemy. Afterwards, benevolence once again would fill their being.


If one cannot turn off all emotion, including benevolence before and during a physical battle, they may be defeated. Through time & special training that is specific to this art, Mushin is attained in Genshinryu making successful and complete warriors.


Victory is for the one, even before combat, who has no thought of himself,
Abiding in the no-mind-ness of great origin.

Genshinryu’s self defense structure is vast and well rounded. Many areas of self defense are learned in a proper non-rushed time frame. Thus, patience is learned. Techniques are reviewed daily in different directions and angles allowing students to form the adaptability required for changing situations.


Students learn self defense categories in a proper order according to rank. One does not learn weapons defense or use at a beginning level. There are proper times in ones training to learn certain aspects. The same is in regards to other areas of special interest besides self defense. The reasons are clear as one begins progressing. Remembering in life we crawl before walking and walk before running.

Waza progression is from slow to intermediate to fast attack. Reality training with intermediate and faster attack speeds develop the natural, subconscious reaction for realistic attacks. Factors that many styles have dismissed due to sport involvement, going with the fads or lack of understanding are part of Genshinryu’s core.


   Such as:
  YinYang Chi energy cultivation Chi sensitivity drills and Chi Kung exercises.
        (ability to cultivate Chi and deliver fa-jing)

  YinYang Meditation - Zazen & Kuji-In (assisting in freeing the ego and attaining Mushin)

  YinYang Awareness drills

  YinYang Rooting & shifting - The ability to root oneself to mother earth at a fraction of a second
        (for devastating strikes & stability) and then be light as a feather (for evasion, leaping or escape)

  YinYang Torso twisting (evasion & assistance with power and adaptability)

  YinYang Shaolin Iron palm & roller bar
        (conditioning the hands internally & forearms, allowing for the delivery of devastating strikes without injury)

  YinYang Phon Sao - Trapping (assistance in developing in-close flow of technique)

  YinYang Imagination when training solo and with a partner.

  YinYang Bushido (the seven virtues of the honor code of the Samurai)


Students understand that the Martial way is life long and we all must help others by directing them to the Martial arts essence. Whether that is by a new student starting in Genshinryu or by assisting them to find another true Martial art by guidance.

In the same token, if someone wants to practice a Martial sport, they would need to guide themselves down that path. Genshinryu does not refer students to Martial sport schools, as that would be contrary to it’s ideals and philosophy.

In addition, Genshinryu will not try to convert Martial sportist, the desire needs to come from ones own heart. A very easy and simple approach is taken. If one is looking for a Martial sport, Genshinryu is not what they would be looking for.

This way no feelings are hurt because of any lack of understanding the Martial way and the essence, nor is any time wasted for the inquiring person. There would not be any discussions of Martial arts vs. Martial sport. If one is searching for a Martial art that teaches the Martial essence, that is when Genshinryu will assist them.

The Martial arts that Genshinryu refers students to must be 100% non-sport oriented. It can not be 80% non-sports oriented or claim participation in only one tournament a year, the essence must be pure and 100% non-sport.

Total absence from Martial sport is the only path to the Martial way.

However sparring with a partner in a school would not be considered sport oriented. Only if a winner or loser is declared or if a large percentage of the time is focused on sparring is when it would be considered a sport.

Regardless where one is at in their journey, Genshinryu exists to guide one down the proper path.


Ending quote:

"If you follow the present-day world, you will turn your back on the way;
if you would not turn your back on the way, do not follow the world."
The Unfettered Mind (1986 trans. Wilson)
(text originally written in the 1600's)
~ Takuan Soho ~
(Zen Master to Miyamoto Musashi, Shogun & Emperor)



Author: Christian Whitney
~ Founder Genshinryu

* The author began composition of this article in 2004. It remained unpublished until he recently
decided to edit it, as to bring better insight on the art of Genshinryu and it’s founding principles.
June 8, 2008


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