T'ai - Shang Kan - Ying P'ien
"This book is a Taoist compilation of piety, morality and ethics"

Translated by Teitaro Suzuki & Dr. Paul Carus
Published by ~ The open court publishing co.   ©1906

(some portions of this ancient book are from 6th century BC)

The following text is from the chapter entitled:


In the garden of the city of Sieu-Shui-Siuen, there once lived a man by the name of Fan Ki, who led a wicked life. He induced men to stir up quarrels and lawsuits with each other, to seize by violence what did not belong to them, and to dishonor other men's wives and daughters. When he could not succeed easily in carrying out his evil purposes, he made use of the most odious stratagems.

One day he died suddenly, but came back to life twenty-four hours afterward and bade his wife gather together their relatives and neighbors. When all were assembled he told them that he had seen the king of the dark realm who said to him, "Here the dead receive punishment for their deeds of evil. The living know not the lot that is reserved for them. They must be thrown into a bed of coals whose heat is in proportion to the extent of their crimes and to the harm they have done their fellows."

Punishment for evil deeds while on Earth! Fan Ki - an Evil Doer! Mirror of reflection showing evil deeds Fan Ki has previously committed! Demon Demon  

The assembled company listened to this report as to the words of a feverish patient; they were incredulous and refused to believe the story. But Fan Ki had filled the measure of crime, and Yama, the king of hell, had decided to make an example of him so as to frighten men from their evil ways.

At Yama's command Fan Ki took a knife and mutilated himself, saying, "This is my punishment for inciting men to dissolute lives."

He put out both his eyes, saying, "This is my punishment for having looked with anger at my parents, and at the wives and daughters of other men with guilt in my heart."

He cut off his right hand, saying, "This is my punishment for having killed a great number of animals."

He cut open his body and plucked out his heart, saying, "This is my punishment for causing others to die under tortures."

And last of all he cut out his tongue to punish himself for lying and slandering.









Hell Book c1883 unknown artist A demon laughing loudly as he is about to punish evil doers! an evil doer begging for forgiveness, but it's too late! an evil doer begging for forgiveness! an evil doer begging for forgiveness! Please! I'm sorry! Please! an evil doer begging for forgiveness, but it's too late! Yama (the Devil, The king of darkness) an evil doer begging for forgiveness, but it's too late! A demon punishing evil doers!

Above illustration is from a wood block print book c1883 depicting "the punishment of evil doers"
The evil doers are begging for forgiveness but it is obviously too late!

The rumor of these occurrences spread afar, and people came from every direction to see the mangled body of the unhappy man. His wife and children were overcome with grief and shame, and closed the door to keep out the curious crowd.

But Fan Ki, still living by the ordeal of Yama, said in inarticulate sounds, "I have but executed the commands of the king of hell, who wants my punishment to serve as a warning to others. What right have you to prevent them from seeing me?"

For six days the wicked man rolled upon the ground in the most horrible agonies, and at the end of that time he died.


A message to anyone who does evil deeds and is reading this right now.
The punishment for knowing something is evil or wrong and continuing to do so because you thought no one else knew - is severe. Look at the illustrations above and imagine yourself as one of the 'evil doers' in the print.  Seriously, do it. Are you going to be one of them pathetically begging for forgiveness and actually thinking you will be forgiven?  It doesn't work that way. If you do something one time, maybe. If you commit evil doings on a Continual and or intentional basis, may you face punishment by man first and then by the Heavens as well!  Next time you look at yourself in the mirror, think about what you have done and why you have not stopped.  Do you feel guilty? If you do even the slightest bit, then stop your evil ways now and start new! If you don't care, then I am sure "Yama" will be asking plenty of demons to gather much coal for your fire.  Remember, those who are righteous and enlightened can see through your insincerity instantly. Regardless of religious beliefs, people who enjoy evil ways will be punished. One does not have to believe in a God or the Devil to know this. There is no hiding and you will be made to answer for your evil ways when your time comes! Be sure to visualize the prints above before you go to sleep everynight. 

A message to anyone who does good deeds and is reading this right now.
Sleep well my friend!  May happiness and benevolence fill your heart and those around you!


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