Classes and Fees

All rates are paid on a monthly basis.  if a student misses a class & calls in advance, he/she may make up the class within a 3 week period or it is forfitted. The makeup class cannot take the place of the students regular class time and must be scheduled at another time slot. However, a student may make up a class by adding an extra 15 min or 30 min to his scheduled classes if the Dojo is available. A student that doesn't call or show up forfits that class automatically (except in an extreme circumstance).  Genshin Ki Dojo does not have contracts and offers make up classes as a courtesy as things can come up.

Please note that all rates are lower then any other rates in New Jersey. Most schools have higher rates for the private & small group classes and in addition you must pay for a regular group class & registration fees to be able to receive private instruction. The monthly rates below are based on a 4 week month.

* save an additional 5% when paying with a major credit card for 3 months (12 classes) *


If you have the desire to learn Martial arts, there is a discount that can assist you!
Remember classes are private or up to 4 people, not 30 in a class!



Make sure to read about the individual discount & barter discount at bottom of page to save up to 40%

Genshinryu & Isshinryu Classes

Private (1 person)              $80.00 / hour                 $320.00 month (per person)

Semi-Private (2 people)      $60.00 / hour                $240.00 month (per person)

Small Group (3 to 4)             $50.00 / hour                $200.00 month (per person)


Bushido Kickboxing

                                   Private (1 person)                  $50.00 / hour               $200.00 month (per person)

                                  Semi-Private (2 people)         $30.00 / hour               $120.00 month (per person)

                                 Small Group (3 to 4)                $25.00 / hour               $100.00 month (per person)


At home instruction for any classes

       Private (1 person)          $120.00 / hour           $480.00 month (per person)

Semi-Private (2 people)       $80.00 / hour          $320.00 month (per person)




Semi Private & Small Group Availability updated daily below!

Classes & times available:

Monday           7am  to  9pm

Tuesday          7am  to  9pm

Wednesday    7am  to  9pm

Thursday        7am  to  9pm

Friday              7am  to  9pm

Saturday         7am  to  9pm

Sunday           no classes

**NOTE that current Private and Semi-private classes that are at the Dojo are not listed - ONLY the semi-private and small group classes that are forming with an available opening are listed.  One must confirm a day and time with Master Christian and keep that every week.
If you have a day and time that you would like to have private lessons, call or email the Dojo to see if it is available.


Students must come at least 1 time per week




New student 2 lesson rate

If one is unsure about paying the class fee for the entire month, a New student may pay for 2 (private) classes to make sure it is what he/she is looking for. There are no free classes. Remember that instruction from Master Christian is Private up to 4 people, to have a free class and pay a fee of $50 a month would be in a class setting of 25 to 40 students and at a sports oriented school. Master Christian offers this special 2 class payment ONLY to NEW students for the first time they come to classes, after the two weeks, one must pay by the month.


International or Out of State Students

All International or Out of state students who plan on visiting for training in the future may contact the Dojo anytime for assistance / advice on hotel arrangements and restaurant reccomendations in the area.  It is reccomended that one plan at least a month in advance.


Corporate programs and Seminars

Corporate programs are available as a continuing program or can be structured first as a basic / introduction class for 5 or 6 weeks leading to an intermediate / advanced class if the interest is present. Corporate programs are conducted at your facility for employee convience, usually first in the morning at 7am or 8am, during lunch time or in the afternoon at 4pm, 5pm or 6pm. Corporate programs are available for Isshinryu, Genshinryu, Bushido Kickboxing or women only self defense.

Seminars are structured usually for a one time event. However sometimes it is wise to have a seminar and then if the interest is present, follow with enrollment into a basic / introduction class. It's a way to test the waters to see how many employees are interested in continuing. Seminars can be for a certain amount of time in one day or spread over a period of two days.  Seminars are available for Isshinryu, Genshinryu, Bushido Kickboxing, or women only self defense. 

Contact the Dojo to find out how you can get a company discount specific for all the employees at your facility.  It doesn't cost your company anything and it can give your employees up to 10% off all Dojo rates. The discounted rate and the name of your company would then appear below in the special discounted rates!


** In addition to the above mentioned discounts, the following discounts are available to qualified students **

Please note that only ONE discount below may be used per student in connection with above discounts.

The discounts below are allowed for Lessons only and not applicable to merchandise such as a uniform or incense.



20 % College or High School student Discount

10 % Law Enforcement Discount   (must provide proof)

10% Military Discount   (must provide proof)

10% to 40% Partial barter for professional services (this discount is for individuals that have skill in a service that they may be able to offer a partial monthly discount.  some may be permanent discounts and others temporary - it can't hurt to ask)
Examples are: painting, cleaning, marketing etc.. most important is the desire & dedication to learn Martial arts.

* 5% to 40% Individual / Family Discount (lower rates are offered to individuals and families that qualify) *

The Individual / family discount is for everyone regardless of income and is determined on an individual basis as every circumstance is  different.  Maximum discount percent for family discount will not exceed 40% at any time. Factors included are: distance to travel, determination on learning an art, family responsibilities and salary from your work position.


Visa      Mastercard      Americanexp     Discovercard

Genshin Ki Dojo Accepts payment for fees with the credit cards listed below.  The Dojo also accepts cash, money order and *personal check (*after one has been a student for at least 1 month).




*Save an additional 5% when paying with a major credit card for 3 months (12 classes) *