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In Bushido Kickboxing students are taught the proper methods of punching and kicking while enjoying a great cardiovascular workout. Bushido Kickboxing was developed in 1995 after noticing that MOST kickboxing or aerobic boxing classes were being taught without integrity.  The improper teaching included no concern for how one was punching or kicking and also no concern about what was considered self defense.

Bushido Kickboxing teaches every student the proper method of punching and kicking with much regard to what is and is not considered self defense. Self defense is not simply the punching and kicking cardio portion of the class. In Bushido Kickboxing portions of the class are reserved for self defense and the other portions for the cardiovascular workout. Regardless, one must know how to punch or kick properly or serious injury could occur. If there was no concern about how one was punching or kicking, a student could instantly break his/her hand if they punched anything other then the air or a pillow! This is of utmost importance, as one must realize that repetition assists in setting reflexes into the subconscious mind.

Therefore, if an unqualified instructor teaches an aerobic boxing or kickboxing class without instructing the proper methods on how to punch or kick, he/she is just teaching a class to interested students to take their money.. It would be doing students of that class more harm then good.

Aerobics on a video is perfectly fine to do if one has no instructor, however, kickboxing or any program that incorporates punching or kicking is NOT proper to do at home without qualified instruction first! If one trains improperly for a prelonged period of time, it will be difficult and time consuming to correct the subconscious map of the improper techniques that one has already set.

Money is the root of all evil, most instructors realize this, but teach improperly regardless because Kickboxing is a money maker. This is harmful to students and also is not a moral thing to do.

This alone is why Bushido Kickboxing at Genshin Ki Dojo is unlike any kickboxing program offered at any other school or any tape that can be purchased.

Another positive benefit to remember is that classes at Genshin Ki Dojo are from one to four students only. So one is receiving private, semi-private or small group instruction rather then a large group of 15 to 40 students at a time.

The first 4 weeks are considered the foundation classes. A student will learn the various punching/striking & kicking techniques and proper execution of them. Then students will be introduced to different combinations and body mechanics, This will give a Bushido Kickboxing student a good understanding of why certain techniques are grouped together and how the cardiovascular portion of the classes are stuctured.

The Bushido kickboxing curriculum can be broken down as:

1. a 15 minute beginning stretching routine and Zazen meditation

2. a 15 min cardiovascular routine utilizing different striking and kicking making sure everyone is punching and kicking properly.

3. a 7.5 minute self defense break from the cardio portion (the self defense techniques are against punches, chokes, grabs etc..)

4. a 15 minute cardiovascular routine.


5. a 7.5 minute self defense segment.

Bushido Kickboxing is a complete program that allows each student to learn proper punching and kicking, teaches much in regards to self defense and allows students to have a fun time while getting a great workout!

After learning how to punch and kick properly, what hand strikes you should personally use and understanding what is and is not self defense, one may practice at home all the time.

There is no rank in Bushido Kickboxing. However one may judge progress by how long they have been taking classes.

From one week to eight weeks one may consider themselves as a basic Bushido Kickboxing student.

From  nine weeks to twenty weeks one may consider themselves an intermediate Bushido Kickboxing student.

From twenty-one weeks and up one may consider themselves an advanced student of Bushido Kickboxing.

Most Bushido Kickboxing students decide to enroll in a Genshinryu class or a Traditional Isshinryu Karate class at a later date. This either replaces the Bushido Kickboxing class or supplements the class. However, this is not a requirement and one may continue with only the Bushido Kickboxing for as long as they wish.



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