T'ai - Shang Kan - Ying P'ien
"This book is a Taoist compilation of piety, morality and ethics"

Translated by Teitaro Suzuki & Dr. Paul Carus
Published by ~ The open court publishing co.   ©1906

(some portions of this ancient book are from 6th century BC)

The following text is from the chapter entitled:

A Description of Evil - Doers

~ Their deportment is irrational.
~ In evil they delight.
~ With brutality they do harm and damage.
~ They deceive the uninformed.
~ Right and wrong they confound. Their avowals and disavowals are not as they ought to be.
~ They agitate and disturb the public order.
~ They trouble and annoy many people.
~ They patronize the unscrupulous and do harm to the inoffensive.
~ They malign the righteous and dispossess the wise.
~ They ridicule and scorn reason and virtue.
~ Disregarders of the law they are, and bribe takers.
~ They call crooked what is straight, straight what is crooked.
~ Though they know their mistakes they do not correct them; though they know the good they do not do it.
~ In their own guilt they implicate others.
~ They wish others to incur loss.
~ They disparage others that achieve merit.
~ Untruthful they are, bearing false witness, deceivers and hypocrites; malevolent exposers of kith and kin;
    mischievous and malignant; not humane; cruel and irrational; self - willed.
~ They impoverish others for their own gain.
~ They assist others in wrong doing.
~ Their unbridled ambition makes for power, and through the degradation of others they seek success.
~ Improperly they have grown rich, and withal they remain vulgar.
~ They sell and buy vainglory.
~ They conceal and keep a treacherous heart.
~ When their requests are not granted they begin to curse and wax hateful.
~ ILL humored and angry they are towards teachers and instructors.
~ With violence they seize, with violence they demand.
~ They delight in fraud and commit depredations to get rich.
~ They reward and punish without justice.
~ Shamelessly greedy they are for wealth.
~ They invent and circulate vile talk, traducing and slandering innocent men.
~ They take up the now and forget the old.
~ They upset others plans so as to prevent their success.
~ They borrow and accept without intention to return.
~ They endanger others to save themselves.
~ When witnessing an execution, they aggravate it by harshness.
~ They slay the yielding and slaughter those who have surrendered.
~ They adulterate the genuine, and seek profit in illegitimate business.
~ They are greedy and covetous without satiety.
~ They curse and swear to seek vindication.
~ Their heart is venomous while they show a compassionate face.

** Master Christian Whitney proclaims that this chapter , in his perspective, comprehensively
describes the disposition of Martial sports instructors, practitioners and most of the spectators. **

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